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Open Garden Hours

Friday: 10-2 // Saturday: 10-2

A beautiful, tranquil space for folks to relax, heal, and return to center

Bow Sanctuary is located where the Chuckanut Mountains meet the bountiful Skagit Valley. Our beautiful Japanese inspired Pacific Northwest gardens is an offering to locals and visitors alike to enjoy many modalities both in a group and one-on-one. Yoga and body movement, yoga therapy, massage, meditation, somatic experiencing, and more


Come breath and move, cultivating inner awareness and full body spaciousness


Release held tension with a wide array of modalities.


Meander, meditate, and recharge in our PNW Gardens


Check out our schedule: Workshops, trainings, and more.


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Free classes

Enjoy unlimited weekly movement classes


10% off in-house one-on-one treatments


10% off in-house workshops

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Join us now for $89 a month and enjoy the perks of membership. Billed at time of purchase, and monthly from date of purchase. Cancel anytime, for any reason.


We love working with like minded individuals to provide space for their wellness oriented events. Reach out to us about your offerings and space needs. Our beautiful indoor spaces and lush gardens can be the backdrop to your special offerings.