About us

Our Values

We strive to cultivate community and a welcoming space to all
We believe connection with others is what sustains us
We believe we all have different paths to healing and wellness
We value diversified modalities and offer teachings from many places 
We respect each individual and do our best to meet their needs
We nourish kindness and joy
We practice sustainability
Join us for a variety of yoga and movement classes, massage and body therapy, meditation, sound or energy healing, tea in the japanese gardens, or just a sit in the bamboo forest for peace and quietude.

Our Team

Better together

A passionate group of individuals hoping to make the world a little brighter one offering at a time by striving to uphold our core values. We are movement instructors, therapists of the body and mind, chefs, mothers, fathers, siblings, poets, silly jokesters, joy seekers, and more! 

The Founders

One big happy family

A big hearty hello and welcome from the Bow Sanctuary founders! Brian and Beth Rusk on the right, Brittany and Jonny Kemp on the left. Together, we are creating a space for peace, tranquility, and community. We are a group with diverse backgrounds, varied skills, and unique knowledge and passions, all coming together to hold space for you.

We work on ourselves in order to help others, but we help others to work on ourselves

- Pema Chodron




Beth whole heartedly believes every human has the capacity to find inner calm and true healing. The outdoors and nature are part of this medicine, a place to pause, be still and listen to the inward as well as the outward worlds. Beth has dreamed of creating a place where people can cultivate healing, find deep connection to self and build community for many years. Bow sanctuary is this dream coming to life, this is her offering to the community.




Brian has always been a huge fan of hot water and an avid defender and custodian of the environment. Brian runs Farm Wild, one of the most innovative and sustainable farms out there. Now he is excited to continue to contribute to a healthy, vibrant, engaged, and energized community through our offerings at the Sanctuary. There might be sounds. There might be healing. There might be saunas. There will definitely be bamboo. There will definitely be koi.



Community Builder

Brittany’s background in community health, and her work with vulnerable populations, introduced her to the concept of self-care. As time went on, and especially now that she’s become a mother, she knows that self-care is one of the most important tasks of the day, not to be put off, but prioritized. She is excited to cultivate a space that promotes self-care and wellbeing not just for the body, but the mind as well, in a way that is accessible and welcoming to all.




Jonny is an adventurer at heart and loves to travel and explore this beautiful world. This probably explains his background in Geography and the study of the natural world around us. He believes that we are all rooted in geography, and where we live, work, play, and explore has meaning and holds value. This life matters, what we do matters, and what matters to Jonny is cultivating beautiful spaces and experiences in service to his family, friends, and community. 

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