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Sauna // Soak

If you check out our core values we talk a lot about honoring others, community, cultivating environments, joy, and diversified modalities. One way we are striving to honor those core values is with diversified offerings to help our community chill. This kind of self care is practiced in many cultures around the world. Onsen in Japan, Banya in Russia, Bathhouses in the Netherlands, you name it. Not only does it release tension in the body, it warms the heart and soul. The Chuckanut's lack the geothermal activity that powers healing places such as Umpqua, Dunton, or Weir Creek around the U.S. , so we decided to build our own. Whether you are looking to ease aches after an Oyster Dome hike, or just looking to warm your bones we are here to serve you.

Our facilities will be expanding over the coming years so make sure to check back in for updates on our facilities.


6 Person Dry Barrel

Coming Soon!

We aim to be so much more than just a place to do yoga, or have a massage, although we believe those things are vital to our health and happiness. With mind, body, and spirit there is an intangible component that cultivates the spirit. Such a thing as enjoying a sauna with a dear friend, or enjoying the heat and silence by yourself can reinvigorate the soul. Not to mention the tangible benefits that deep penetrating heat can provide for our aches and pains. Getting a sweat on can help your circulation and help expel the toxins we accumulate on our journey through life.


We have our sauna on site, and awaiting some final site design and and assembly. Once up and running, it will be an offering to guests of our yoga and body wellness services.


We got some big ideas about what a soaking experience should be. To do it right it will take some time and a little creativity. Please be patient while we explore all the possibilities, but also be excited for what's to come. Make sure to check back in to see what's happening, or come by for some Movement or Body Wellness and ask about it in person.