Yoga for Transformation workshop series

With Summer Cushman

9/10 - 5/13 (Second Saturdays)

10am - 1pm

The practice of yoga is most often understood as a practice of postures. And while the postures, called asana, are an important part of the practice of yoga, they’re actually a small part. Yoga—when understood in its fullness—is a practice that supports us on every level of our being and through every moment of our lives. The practice of yoga helps us understand, examine, and transform our body, breath, senses, thoughts, emotions, behavior, relationships, habits, and belief systems. Yoga teaches us the science of personal transformation. It gives us the tools to uncover our true nature. And it offers us a wildly open system of spiritual practice. I created the Yoga for Transformation workshops in order to make the deeper teachings of yoga more easily accessible to anyone interested in changing their life. If you know how to read the ancient texts of yoga and apply them to your life, you’ll discover how simple and practical these teachings are.
In this series of workshops, we’ll dive deep into the first two chapters of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we’ll look at a few key Upanishads, and I’ll teach you how to bring the fullness of this ancient practice into your daily life. Book the whole series below for a $75 savings, or sign up for each class individually. Members receive 10% of individual sessions

continuing education credits available for yoga teachers

In-House Workshop

$75 per session

We human beings are pretty amazing! We’re made up of body, breath, senses, mind, heart, and spirit. In this foundational workshop we begin our practice of awareness and dive deep into two ancient teachings (from the Yoga Sutra and Taittiriya Upanishad) that help us understand who we are. This workshop includes a slow moving, quiet practice that helps us connect with the many layers of our being.

In this always popular workshop we explore personal practice, intention, and will power. Our practice takes us deep into the three aspects of Kriya Yoga (self-discipline, self-study, and self-surrender).

In this workshop we explore the seeds of suffering (ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion, and fear) in the context of daily life. This workshop includes a powerful practice with teachings from the Yoga Sutra and the Chandogya Upanishad. Through movement, breath, meditation, and an altar to the 5 great elements, you’ll explore your relationship to the world, your senses, your elemental nature, and the seeds of suffering

In this workshop we’ll investigate what yoga teaches about ethics and right action in relationship to others and ourselves. We’ll study the first two limbs of the 8-limb path of practice: the Yamas (behaviors we observe) and Niyamas (personal rituals we enact) from the 2nd chapter of the Yoga Sutra-s. We’ll work through a short, powerful practice (that among other things includes study, mantra, and mudra) that can be done 10-ways (depending on the yama or niyama you want to focus on).

Annamaya Kosha & Asana As one of my first teacher’s (Nikki Myers) likes to say: “The issues live in our tissues.” The body holds the memory of everything we’ve ever experienced and this workshop is all about connection, healing, and learning to listen to the voice of your body. Our practice is a slow moving meditation designed to help you listen more deeply to the experience of physical sensation.

Pranamaya Kosha & Pranayama We all know how important it is to have enough energy to meet the demands of life. And these powerful, transformative teachings will give you the tools to balance and regulate your energy with ease. In this jam packed workshop we’ll explore our physiology through the 5 pranas (energetic processing system), the cakras (energy centers), and the nadis (energy channels). We’ll explore functional breathing, the autonomic nervous system, and the yogic practice of pranayama (intentional breath control). Our practice will help us better understand our breathing habits and how they impact our energy levels, nervous system, and thinking patterns.

Manomaya Kosha & Mantra Do you ever get distracted? (The answer is so obvious it’s laughable right?). We live in a culture that seems driven by distraction. In this workshop we explore what the ancient yogi’s had to say about patterns of thought and we do some serious self-reflection on how our minds work. This deeply practical workshop will help you get real about the connection between what you feed your senses and your mind’s ability to focus. In this fun practice we explore how powerful mantra and chanting are for the mind.

Vijnanamaya Kosha & Meditation In this workshop we dive deeper into the mind. We go past the senses and into our conditioning, habits, stories, and wisdom. Through teachings and practice we explore our highest values, our truth, and our faith. And we bravely move toward unraveling the deeply held stories that keep us stuck in unhelpful patterns. We explore what meditation actually is and talk about how to begin or deepen a focused and transformative practice.

Anandamaya Kosha & Prayer and Ritual This beautiful, healing workshop is an exploration of joy! The deep, lasting joy that is an inherent part of our being. We explore our relational heart, our longing for deep connection, our sense of delight and fulfillment. And our Source. We wonder about Divine Mystery and dive deep into the practices of prayer and ritual. In our practice we’ll explore the ancient tradition of Manasa Puja, an internal journey of ritual and adoration.

The Yoga of Food


10am - 12:30pm

Deepen your relationship to yourself, food and your body through exploring and embodying ancient yogic principles and philosophy. We will open up the space with a themed yoga practice and meditation. After practice, we will explore two Yamas and how we can take these principles off the mat and apply them to our relationship with food, ourselves and all of life. There will be space for contemplation, discussion, journaling and sharing.

Bring a journal, an open heart & an open mind!
In-House Workshop


Winter Spiral walk and sound bath

Music provided by Liz Durkin and Andrew Anderson


6pm - 8pm

As the winter Solstice nears, the nights grow longer, and we settle into a period of more rest. Winter is a time to turn inward in quiet reverence, reflect on the past and to contemplate the future. Join us to honor the darkness and invite in the light that resides within us all. Our friends Liz Durkin and Andrew Anderson will subtly weave the pure tones of crystal singing bowls with the Celtic harp as a backdrop for our spiral walk. The cedar and pine boughs gathered from the property will create our spiral, reminding us to tune into nature and find stillness and calm.

You will have a two-hour window to come and go as you feel called. Chairs will be set along the outside of our spiral so you can linger in the dark and enjoy the music or come for only a moment to walk the spiral. Please join us as we attune to nature, the healing path of the winter spiral, and the harmonic resonance of the Celtic Harp and Crystal singing bowls. This will be a free event, and candles will be provided
In-House Event


A Gift of Yoga


11am - noon

It is the season of giving. Come enjoy a yoga class on us! What better way to let go of stress and feel more centered. Sometimes we get so wrapped up thinking of others that our own self care goes right out the window. No excuses, roll out your mat, come as you are, this will be an all levels flow class.

We will be collecting donations for Youthnet. Please bring a new household item that will help set up a cozy place for youth aging out of foster care and into their own homes.

Items may be sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, dishes, utensils, etc.

Bow Sanctuary gives to you, you give to others, it is a win win.

If you can’t make it to this donation class but would still like to contribute to our season of giving, feel free to bring an item to any of our regularly scheduled classes from now until December 18th. Learn more about the work youthnet does here
In-House Classs


New Year's Reset: Cultivating Joy


10am - 1pm

Join Beth & Carolyn for a delicious morning of guided practice. We'll move, meditate, write and reflect. Gentle yoga and simple mindfulness practices support you as you begin this new year with awareness, intention, and joy.
In-House Workshop


Foundations of Yoga - 4 week Series

Co-taught by Jill Pickering and Beth Rusk

1/7 - 1/28 (consecutive Saturdays)

2pm - 3:30pm

This workshop is geared towards students who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga asana, the physical postures of yoga. In this four week series you will learn proper alignment of over 40 yoga postures, ways to adapt to meet individual needs, and how to incorporate props to better support your practice. This class series will give you the skills needed to adapt postures, feel more confident and practice safety. This is an opportunity to learn in community, be able to ask questions, have time to really break down and work with individual poses and have fun. All levels welcome.
In-House Workshop

Full series $90 // Per class $25

Establishing foundation- body to earth connection, opening hands and feet, focus on equal standing, opening and engaging both front and back body, pelvic integration, core strengthening to support low back, length and strength along the spine, and low back care in back bends and forward folds.

Shoulder integration, hand and arm bind options, sun salutations and flow options, downward facing dog work, importance of transitions between postures, and ways to get from here to there.

Hips forward postures, stabilizing the hips, pressing out of the earth, finding pelvis neutral, balance activation and release, and deepening twists while supporting low back.

Hip opening postures, strengthening and opening inner leg line, stabilizing the hip, supporting the knee, accessing the side body, and how to deepen without creating strain.

*NOTE* - If you are enrolling for the whole series, choose your first date and pay for full ($90). You will still need to click "Register" for all subsequent dates, you will just not be asked to pay again.

Community Dance Party

Dance Away the Dark


7:30pm - 10pm

Winters are lonnnnng here in the Pacific Northwest. They’re wet. They’re dark. The constant rain can chill you to the bone. And while we love the mountain snow, the glaciers, and the summer green it all brings, sometime around mid-January we get a powerful urge to throw off the throws, wriggle out of our base layers, bare some skin and get out on the dance floor. So come join us to dance the light back into your body, heart, and soul!

This is not ecstatic dance, nor a 5 Rhythms model. No, think more “house-party-meets-funky-club-meets-your-cool-friend’s-wedding.” Fun. All-inclusive. Silly. Jiggy. Joyful. Bass-heavy. Some deep afro-beat grooves, some old-school rap and hip hop, and some songs you know all the words to. In other words… your basic Dance Party Therapy. We're not too cool for school. We are nerdy dance-fiends who like to shake serious booty and are always lookin’ for more friends with whom to throw down and banish the winter blues. That’s YOU! Let’s burn a bright spot in the PNW winter together.

See you on the dance floor.
Community Event

Donations Accepted

No Registration needed

Yoga of the Heart- Asana and meditation retreat


10am - 4pm

This retreat will offer rejuvenation for the body and reconnection to our heart’s innate presence. We will be supported by the beauty of the Skagit Valley in the deep stillness of winter.

Our morning session will weave somatic movement, dynamic asana practice, and meditation. Our afternoon sequence will support expansive breathing, balance the nervous system, and deepen meditative awareness. The Dharma teachings will illuminate awareness of the breath as a powerful practice leading to embodied presence, awakening of the heart qualities, and insight.

For anyone with prior yoga experience.
In-House Workshop


Mindful Morning


10am - 1pm

Nourish yourself with a morning of guided practice. Gentle mindful movement and supportive meditations. We will spend time indoors and out. Silence, community, beauty. No experience required.
In-House Workshop


At a Glance

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We are excited to offer this space to providers of all different modalities who share a similar vision as Bow Sanctuary, whether that be body movement, body treatment, meditation, sound healing, or other.