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We offer a wide variety of workshops and events to help you connect to self and re-balance. Whether you are a novice looking to build your skills, or a professional looking for continuing education credits, we have something for you. Don't forget Bow Sanctuary members get 10% in-house workshops. We look forward to seeing you in the gardens!

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Connect to the Breath

5 sessions to choose from


Kat MacIverwebsite


10am - 11am


10am - 11am


10am - 11am


10am - 11am


10am - 11am

Learn to nourish your nervous system and harness the power of your breath! During this 1-hour class, you will have the opportunity to reconnect to your body, drop into the present moment, release stress, ease tension and nourish yourself from the inside out…all using your breath. Suitable for all levels, classes will consist of 30-40 minutes of breathwork followed by a meditation and integration period.



Winter Spiral

At Bow Sanctuary


6pm - 9pm

As the winter Solstice nears, the nights grow longer, and we settle into a period of more rest. Winter is a time to turn inward in quiet reverence, reflect on the past and to contemplate the future. Join us to honor the darkness and invite in the light that resides within us all. Relaxing music will be the backdrop for our spiral walk. The cedar and pine boughs gathered from the property will create our spiral, reminding us to tune into nature and find stillness and calm.

You will have a two-hour window to come and go as you feel called. Chairs will be set along the outside of our spiral so you can linger in the dark and enjoy the music or come for only a moment to walk the spiral. Please join us as we attune to nature, the healing path of the winter spiral, and the the music. This will be a free event, and candles will be provided
No RSVP needed


Donations welcome but not expected

Winter Qigong


Caryn Boyd – website


1pm - 4pm

Seasonal Qigong establishes a harmonious connection with nature. Learn a Winter Qigong form and a short warmup to strengthen and tonify your body so that you remain healthy and vibrant all Winter. Give yourself time and space to rest and rejuvenate. Come sit in the circle and enjoy the company of friends.

New Year’s Heart Intentions Sound Bath Meditation


Kristi Moseley of Mystic Heartwebsite


2 Sessions to choose from

10:30am - 11:45am

2pm - 3:15pm

Share a potent afternoon of intentional meditative soundscapes, gentle breathwork and moments of reflection to begin 2024 clear, centered and renewed.

Kristi of Mystic Heart will guide grounding breathwork, offer sound waves that soothe, replenish and connect the center of our being with artisan gongs and crystal singing bowls. Our afternoon of immersive sound will cultivate an environment for profound relaxation, inner peace and time for introspection as we explore our heart’s intention for the New Year. Please bring a journal and pen for the guidance that arises from within.

And for your maximum comfort bring a yoga mat/padding, blanket and a small pillow to create your cozy “nest to rest” while lying down. Wear something cozy and comfortable. Additional props on site; seated, chair or reclined meditation welcome.

New Year Yoga Flow


Beth RuskBio


12pm - 1:15pm

Welcome in the new year by joining in community for a mindful all levels yoga class. There will be an opportunity to set intentions for the coming year, breath more fully and move with intention. A wonderful way to begin again and reset for what is to come.

Regular Yoga Pricing Applies

Seasonal SHIFT Shop

4 Saturday half day retreats to choose from


Courtney KlopBio

Winter - Rest


1pm - 5pm

Spring - Mindset


1pm - 5pm

Summer - Movement


1pm - 5pm

Fall - Nourishment


1pm - 5pm

Self-care isn't just about occasional indulgence; it's about creating a sustainable and nurturing relationship with yourself amidst life's hustle and bustle. Join Courtney for Seasonal SHIFT 'Shops, where you can attend individual workshops or immerse yourself in all four seasons for ongoing growth and consistency. Each half-day retreat is a holistic journey combining gentle yoga, meditation, community sharing, light refreshments, and the traditional sauna experience (warm-up, cool-down, and rest cycles), with a special focus and varying activities for each season, where we will focus on a different pillar of self-care. Whether you choose one or all, expect to walk away feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and armed with invaluable self-care tools.

Limited to 12 participants, each workshop offers an intimate and supportive community container. Sauna pass and robe rental included in the price of the retreat

We believe in the importance of accessibility to self-care; if cost is prohibiting you from participating, please reach out.
Holiday Special! Choose all 4 sessions upon checkout and save $80. Available until Dec 31st


Single Session price


Honoring Our Grief


Gina Ebbeling – website

Kristen Winn – website


1pm - 5pm

In a society that gives us little space or outlets to express and experience grief, we believe the only way to alter this course is by gathering together with grief by our side. Through a shared experience, we create safe spaces that allow for all the messy, complicated, lovely aspects of grief to exist and be seen.

Join Gina and Kristen for a unique, half-day retreat to honor the grief before us. We’ll welcome grief in its many forms - the loss of life, loved ones, relationships & friendships, jobs, pets, loss of self, mobility, collective grief... You’ll have the opportunity to reflect, write, share a ritual, ground yourself through a labyrinth walk, dance and, most of all, be in the company of others grappling with loss and grief.

We invite you and your grief into this gathering just as you are - to listen, share, and see what it has to show us.

Kristen and Gina co-lead meaningful gatherings at Bow Sanctuary and in the Bellingham community. To learn more about the facilitators: Gina Ebbeling, Life Coach at Raw Womanhood, Kristen Winn, Labyrinth Creator and Healing Stone Maker,

Intro to Herbal Medicine

General information on utilizing herbs as medicine


Lindsey Walkerwebsite


2pm - 3pm

Join herbalist Lindsey Walker for an 'Herbalism 101 Class' where the wisdom of ancient traditions meets the science of modern healthcare. In this intro class, you will explore the healing potential of herbs and discover how to harness their natural properties to enhance your well-being and vitality. Topics will include: What is herbal medicine A brief history of medicine in the US Types of herbal medicine Managing imbalances with herbs Everyday usage of herbs Q&A Whether you are a beginner looking to explore the world of herbal medicine or someone seeking to complement your existing knowledge, this class is designed to empower you with the foundational skills and insights needed to incorporate herbal remedies into your life.

Who Should Attend: Individuals curious about herbal medicine Health enthusiasts looking to expand their holistic wellness toolkit Individuals with health imbalances who are looking for natural ways to bring them to balance Gardeners interested in cultivating medicinal plants Anyone seeking a deeper connection with the healing power of nature Join us for an engaging and informative class that will inspire and equip you to harness the incredible healing potential of herbs.
Please pre-register

Free Event

Embodied Beats Flow


Marren Hanna – bio


4pm - 5pm


4pm - 5pm


4pm - 5pm


4pm - 5pm


4pm - 5pm

A guided yoga class experience where we move to the beat of the music as we we integrate free-form movement, yoga and dance.



Embodied Wisdom

Meditation, Asana, and Somatic Movement Retreat


Djuna Devereaux – website


10am - 4pm

Gather in the winter beauty of the Skagit Valley to inspire your yoga practice and cultivate embodied wisdom—seeing clearly, with compassion, the conditions that shape our experience of life.

Our daylong will offer the potent combination of dynamic and restorative asana practice, somatic movement, with Dharma teachings, silent meditation, and time in sangha. Our yoga asana practices will be both dynamic and accessible to deepen awareness and understanding of your body within the asanas. Dharma will be woven into our movement practices, to embody the wisdom teachings.

For anyone with prior yoga experience. Skip the line and pre order a catered nourishing seasonal soup, salad and bread with self service tea bar
Without lunch


Lunch included



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Cancellation Policy

All registrations are non-refundable. For Information on our cancellation policy and billing visit our FAQ page:

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We are excited to offer this space to providers of all different modalities who share a similar vision as Bow Sanctuary, whether that be body movement, body treatment, meditation, sound healing, or other.