Gentle Flow 9am


All Levels Flow 9am // Winter Restorative Yoga 6pm


All Levels Flow 9am


Gentle Flow 9am // All Levels Flow 6pm


All Levels Flow 9am


All Levels Flow 8am


Qigong 9am
Enter into the yoga hall ready to connect with the physical body, tune into the thinking mind, and integrate present awareness. We offer regularly scheduled weekly classes as well as specialized workshops and trainings. As you step into the studio, we invite you to let go of your expectations, judgements, and worries. Together, and with guidance, we hope to help one another find exactly what we need in the present moment. Click enroll on the schedule to get access to any of thes pricing options. All pricing options expire 1 year after purchase.


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Come early, stay mindful, leave centered! Pease arrive early, give yourself time to set up and be ready for the start of class. The grounds are open for you to decompress and enjoy before and after class. Don't forget to add on your sauna experience, just ask your instructor to add a drop-in.

The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.

- Sakyong Mipham


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Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow focuses on a slower paced flow, students will be able to move with a sense of ease from one posture to another, coordinated with the breath. This softer pace will allow you to be more present with each posture. Designed to create space to explore your practice, to find the play between strength, stretch and flexibility, stability and ease, and to gain greater understanding of alignment and balance in the body. This class will include lying, seated as well as standing postures. Props are encouraged to help the body release (ie, mat, blocks, blankets, strap, etc). This class is great for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.

All levels Flow

This class explores a series of postures, one flowing seamlessly into the next, uniting body, mind, and breath. Designed as a moving meditation, every flow class is unique, creating the opportunity to become stronger, more flexible, and balanced, while practicing being present to the moment. Options will be given throughout class to either bring more challenge or more ease, meeting the needs of the students in the room. This is an all levels class and is suitable for just about anyone.

Taoist Qigong and Internal Alchemy

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice aimed to quiet the mind and body through meditative movement. By pairing movement, intention and breath we can reach deep relaxation and lasting health benefits. This practice allows us to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and ultimately all living things by deepening our relationship to nature and how we can live harmoniously in an ever changing environment. This class moves slowly with clear instructions and is suitable for beginners and as well as seasoned practitioners
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Winter Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga invites practitioners to find deep rest and restoration through passive, supported poses. Students are able to calm the nervous system by holding comfortable positions for extended periods of time while being supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks. Postures are all close to the floor in a lying or seated position, often the wall is used for support and there is an element of sound/music to help encourage release and softening. This class is for all levels and anyone seeking to rest, relax, and renew.


Liliana Franz


Liliana completed a multidisciplinary degree in Somatic healing and Visual Arts from Fairhaven College in the early 2000’s. Her studies included a variety of modalities and practices, including Qigong, that supported traumatic release and healing through movement. Her education supported her personal experience in healing using practices such as meditation, breathwork, yoga and Qigong. First hand, she discovered the depth and power of these resources to untangle the patterns that we hold in the body and mind that do not serve our higher selves.

Liliana continues a devoted practice of Medical Qigong, including the study of energetic healing, Taoist philosophy and its foundational roots in Chinese Medicine. Her ambition to teach this powerful practice is to amplify our vibration through community practice. She is steeped in the innate knowing that by healing ourselves, we ultimately contribute to healing human kind and our planet.

Jessica Gigot


Jessica is a mother, poet, and farmer and became a RYT-200 in 2019. She appreciates how yoga, especially restorative and yin approaches, can empower students to find their own sense of belonging both on and off the mat. After birthing two children and several physically demanding seasons on her farm, Jessica realized she needed to walk in the world differently.

Jessica found that her yoga practice offered her a path to healing, body awareness, and deep inner strength that she is excited to share with others. When not in the yoga studio, you can find her tending her flock of sheep, playing music with her husband, or running around outside with her daughters.

Amanda Grove


Amanda is a life-long learner and she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2019 at Yandara Yoga Institute. Seeking to delve deeper into her personal practice, she has completed 100 hour trainings in: Bhakti yoga; Restorative and Yin yoga; and Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra.

Bringing life experience into her teaching and practice, Amanda encourages self exploration through movement and breath. Her presence is nurturing and her guidance focuses on personal awareness of healthy alignment in postures and self care of body, mind, and spirit.

Courtney Klop


Courtney is a queer woman bridging the space between self-care + community-care. All their classes offer an all-levels self-care experience; so you can begin to understand what it means to know + care for yourself. She has been a certified yoga instructor since 2015 and life-coach + personal trainer since 2012; with an eclectic background including zen practice, culinary studies, nutritional therapy, functional movement, trauma-informed education, social justice, and more.

Courtney loves to learn, is enamored by life, nourishing traditions, and the human experience altogether. Their teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to live a fulfilled and empowered existence, no matter who you are, where you find yourself right now or what your background + history contains. All aspects of Courtney’s work revolve around creating a stable foundation in mind, body and spirit, that you can return to and build from for the rest of your life.

Jill Pickering


Jill received her RYT-200 certification in 2018 with Jaya Yoga RYS. Yoga has supported her for over 20 years since she first stepped on the mat, and continues to ignite a curiosity within. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in classes. along with her commitment to a functional, stabilizing approach to yoga asana. Flow classes focus on holding space for a practice that is grounded, strengthening, heart-centered, and nourishing.

Yoga allows us to teach ourselves to become empowered. It not only builds strong and healthy bodies, we also learn to accept ourselves and others as unique individuals, to welcome challenges and to grow.

Jill teaches all levels of students, her teaching style is intuitive, nourishing the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

Mackenzie Rae


Mackenzie discovered her love for yoga over thirteen years ago. The impact it had on her life drew her deeper into studying alternative and holistic healing while she was in college. After she graduated in 2016, she traveled to Southeast Asia to immerse herself in a 200 hour teacher training through Zuna Yoga. Since then, she’s continued her studies of yoga and other healing modalities that she weaves into her private practice with clients. She’s currently immersed in a three year program studying Body Psychotherapy.

Her yoga classes have a strong somatic element leading people back home to their bodies. She helps her students lean into discomfort and cultivate a deeper, more loving connection with themselves.

Beth Rusk


Beth received her RYT-200 teacher certification in power yoga in 2016, and is presently working towards her 500RYT in Prajna yoga. Beth’s passion lies in helping others move optimally and be at home in their bodies. Her many years of practicing a variety of yoga styles and an intimate knowledge of anatomy as a massage therapist, enables her to focus on alignment while creatively weaving together postures and yogic philosophy. 

Her flow based classes are slow, strong and focused around being present and aware. She approaches yoga as a moving meditation, bringing strength, flexibility and mindful movement into each class. Beth’s light hearted spirit welcomes all levels of yogis and invites us to approach our practice with playfulness and acceptance to what is. Show up to her class ready to breathe, connect, flow and discover.

Rachel Scheib


Rachel strives to make a comfortable place for everyone to move, breathe, and maybe try something a little different. Born and raised in California, Rachel came to Bellingham in 2014 to attend WWU, and graduated in 2018. Rachel’s teaching style is informed by her own practice, as well her experience using yoga to aid recovery from a blunt force spinal injury— an incident that ultimately showed her how essential a personal yoga practice can be on the road to recovery. Through this Rachel found that yoga is not only useful in a recovery sense, but also a preventative sense, as well as a present sense, and now she aims to hold a space where people can benefit from all of these aspects. Rachel creates an atmosphere where students can feel present and comfortable to find their own balance between effort and ease, whether in challenging themselves or easing into whatever suits their movement needs that day.

Rachel received her 200 hour certificate in 2021 from Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico, and is delighted to now bring her teaching to Bow Sanctuary. Her classes are structured in a vinyasa-like style, where ample time is given to settle in and warm up before moving into creative flows and breath-to-movement standing sequences.

Need Movement space?

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